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twins are really remarkable.

i feel like if becca and zoe didn't have each other, they'd be really lonely. claire was happy to play by herself or with whichever grownup was taking care of her at the time, but the twins are such social babies. they want to play together all the time. if one wakes up first, she leans over the side of her crib to her sister's crib and says her name over and over until she wakes up. anne said she can't wait until they start really talking because it's going to be so fun to eavesdrop on them and i totally agree. they're the most sweet natured girls i've ever met. i love claire unconditionally, but i agree with anne that if there were two of her, i'd go insane. if you're going to have twins, beck and zo-zo are the girls you want them to be.

we went to the library yesterday and they climbed up and down the steps between the lobby and the children's floor over and over again. it's amazing that two months ago that would have been something they physically couldn't do. now they have preferences, they know their way around the house, they know people's names, they know each other's names.

one funny thing though is that when becca looks in the mirror, she says "zoe!" and when zoe looks in the mirror she says "beck beck!" i wonder when they're going to realize that they look exactly alike.

i'm taking postcolonial lit with scheuller summer a. i'm really stoked.

everyone have fun at the eyc show at john's house!

jesse is sleeping on my living room floor. soon to be her living room floor.

i'm hoping she wakes up soon, i wanna go to chopstix.

nicknames that my ladies are called on a daily basis by me:

CLAIRE: claire bear, clairius, clairius bearius, bugs, buggaboo, pooks, curly girly, lovey, grump girl

REBECCA: becca, becca beck, beck-beck, bee, buzzy, sweet girl, chubs, becks, tum-tum, the saddest firefighter

ZOE: zee, z z top, zo-zo, ziggy, charlie chaplin, star girly, la la, little dadaist, gobble girl.
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