♥ erica loves you (jesuswhatamess) wrote,
♥ erica loves you

erica's twee alphabet - revised

a- animals on clothes, accessories
b- buttons oversized, bows, boatneck shirts, bright stockings, bangles, boutique clothing stores
c- candy necklaces, CUTE, cooing over baby animals
d- diary
e- economical
f- foreign films and magazines, flats, flavored lipgloss, first love, feeding ducks
g- galoshes, glasses, gingham
h- hats, harmonized aesthetic, hearts
i- ipod, internet, ikea
j- jeans (skinny), jumpers, jewelry, job at coffee shop, bookstore, or as nanny
k- kid-like, knapsack, knitting, kindergarten memories
l- little (diminutive), library card, livejournal
m- minimal makeup, mixtapes
n- natural haircolors, naievite
o- overcoat
p- polka dots, pretty prints, pink champagne, picnics
q- quilted
r- rickrack, ribbons
s- skimmers, sweaters, small things made out of felt
t- timepiece meant for children, twiggy skirts, true romantic, thrift stores, toy collection
u- umbrella, unicorns
v- vegan, vintage
w- wideeyed look, winter clothes
x- xylophones in all your music
y- youth, yellow (pale) nail polish
z- zines

with help from heart_of_butter
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