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i voted early yesterday [1.26.08 @ 2:30pm]
it's a secret ballot, but who cares. here's how i excercised my civic duty:

PRESIDENT: john edwards
AMENDMENT 1: hell no

my little baby niece got not one but two "i voted" stickers from the nice pollworker, "one for her baby book, if you young mothers still do that!"
marthe: "oh yeah, we do."
pollworking lady: "well here you go, beautiful little girl."

little did she know that mira was practicing a little voter intimidation on her mama in the voting booth, i swear i heard a gurgle of "vote for edwards or you sleep with the fishes!" ten months old and already pushy!

the happy voters.
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[1.22.08 @ 9:48pm]
my boyfriend is amazing.

i'm excited about my arrested development party. the trivia questions are coming along nicely.

i miss you, kristin and iris! my new job is at coffee culture (which is now at the bageland spot in goerings and doing really well!) and it's great.

mira was so freaking cute today. i love my neice so much, and i love how close she, marthe, eric, and i have been these past few months. maybe because i finally have a boyfriend whom they don't think is a good for nothing and i'm doing so well personally.

i love rain.
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I WANT IT! [1.22.08 @ 9:46pm]
electricity-free washing machine

if jesse and i go halfsies on it when we have some money to spare from bills and things, it'll cost us $21 each. i love the idea of washing 3 or so days of clothes at a time, as i wore them, and drying them on my wooden clothes rack rather than devoting a whole day to overpaying for energy- and water-draining laundromats.

from the website:

Why Use the Wonder Wash?

* Washes a 5-lb. load super clean in just a couple of minutes.
* Has a patented pressure system that forces detergent into the fabric at high speed for a fast, efficient, economic and very easy wash
* Is ideal for campers, single persons and even for the housewife with small frequent loads like hand washables and diapers.
* Is ideal for delicates such as woolens, silks, knitted dresses and cashmere garments.
* Uses far less water than even hand washing.

* Only $42.95
* Uses 90% less water and detergent than conventional washing machines
* Requires no electricity
* Pays for itself after 8 weeks
* Save $150-250 per year on laundry costs
* Requires NO maintenance
* Many people use to wash diapers
* Used to avoid paying high prices at laundry rooms and laundromats in NYC and other pricey locales.
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[1.20.08 @ 3:27pm]
my friend adam made a badass film, which i am royally proud of him for (proud enough to end a sentence with a preposition)! it's called new personal worst, and gainesvillians can rent it at video rodeo. it's woody-allen-funny, and adam is impressive as an actor and director, but most impressive as a writer.

i've suddenly become a great housekeeper. i'm trying so hard to keep our home pretty, and i've been having daydreams about being a housewife.

i really want more picture frames. i have so many pretty pictures, but it's starting to look sloppy to just glue-stick them to my wall. so if anyone wants to donate any old picture frames you don't want anymore, of any size, i'd be happy to make you a mix cd or paint your nails pretty or something.

i finally made an email address i'm going to use.


i love hanging my blankets out of my windows on windy days, it makes everything smell good at night, snuggling in them.

i really really really hope my new job pays me enough to live comfortably yet frugally, and to learn to be better with money. i start tomorrow at seven am.

does anyone know a good, cheap way to make scented candles?

my splurge this week:

i've wanted a cocktail shaker for a long time, which would help with my quest to enjoy inexpensive drinks at home (while learning how to be a better entertainer), but they're more expensive than i thought they'd be. however, my favorite vodka to buy comes with a cocktail shaker currently as a promotion, at least at the abc on nw 6th street.

smirnoff raspberry vodka 750ml comes with an apparently high quality, large cocktail shaker with pre-measured recipes on the side. i once bought a shaker at target for $1, but it promptly fell apart, this one stood up last night quite well.

amanda jennings introduced me to my new favorite drink at ihi in december. it doesn't have any kind of cute name (suggestions are welcome), but it's my go-to cocktail because its only calories come from the alcohol itself, yet it doesn't taste strong. it doesn't give me a headache like sugary cocktails do, either. when i make it at home, i use smirnoff, but a call of stoli when you're out is usually just the same price as a call of smirnoff when you're splurging out on the town.

1 part smirnoff (or stoli) raspberry vodka
2 parts club soda (plain or raspberry flavored)
lemon slices (squeeze them because they really add a yummy, low calorie flavor)

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[1.20.08 @ 3:26pm]
i have a new blog, which i'll cross-post to this one. lj is great for some things, and not for others, so it's a nice mix.

if you're interested, http://everythingbagels.blogspot.com

when i was in my "women and poverty" class, i was reminded of something that goes largely forgotten (at least in my brain) when thinking of poor families. food stamps are an important part of government aid, but there's a ton of things one needs to live properly which are not covered. toiletries such as toothpaste, tampons, dental floss, shampoo, toilet paper, etc. can't be purchased with food stamps, and even those who receive meager welfare checks can rarely spare the cash after rent, utilities, school costs, and all the other small and large expenses which pile up day after day.


marthe had the great and giving idea to purchase two of each toiletry item whenever she goes to buy them. i know not everyone can do this, but it's a great rule of thumb and almost as importantly, it helped me be more aware of how much i take for granted and how often i buy these simple things.

st. francis house takes toiletry donations year-round, and i would like to give as much as i can. i know a lot of my friends have babies and other responsibilities, and making an extra trip is a much bigger hassle than it might at first seem. so, if you have anything to donate, i'm going to be picking up supplies once a month and dropping them off. let me know if you're interested.

supplies sfh is looking for particularly:

*Bath Towels* (new or gently used)
*Wash Cloths*
Pillow Cases
Twin Sheets

Gift Cards ($25 or less)
Grocery Store Gift Cards
Gas Station Gift Cards

End Tables

Personal Hygiene
Hair Combs
Spray Deodorants
Disposable Razors
Shaving Cream
Sanitary Napkins
Foot Powder
Toilet Paper

Alarm Clocks
Bike Locks
Baby Powder
Baby Diapers
Garage Bags
Sandwich Bags
Wrist Watches
Plastic Grocery Bags

* = Always Needed

Medical Supplies
Pepto Bismol
First Aid Supplies
Cold Medicine
Cough Drops
Cough Syrup
Rubbing Alcohol
Hydrogen Peroxide
Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitizer

Work Boots

Winter Only
Knit Caps
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[9.5.07 @ 3:33pm]

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baaaaaaaaaby otters [9.1.07 @ 11:16am]
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the nanny diaries [8.29.07 @ 10:47pm]
i just saw the nanny diaries with my sister.

it was really really intense. it was sweet and pretty funny, but also really really sad.

scarlett j. was amazing, and her outfits were SO CUTE. i wish i could find her exact lipcolor and wear it every day.

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erica's twee alphabet - revised [8.29.07 @ 4:10pm]
a- animals on clothes, accessories
b- buttons oversized, bows, boatneck shirts, bright stockings, bangles, boutique clothing stores
c- candy necklaces, CUTE, cooing over baby animals
d- diary
e- economical
f- foreign films and magazines, flats, flavored lipgloss, first love, feeding ducks
g- galoshes, glasses, gingham
h- hats, harmonized aesthetic, hearts
i- ipod, internet, ikea
j- jeans (skinny), jumpers, jewelry, job at coffee shop, bookstore, or as nanny
k- kid-like, knapsack, knitting, kindergarten memories
l- little (diminutive), library card, livejournal
m- minimal makeup, mixtapes
n- natural haircolors, naievite
o- overcoat
p- polka dots, pretty prints, pink champagne, picnics
q- quilted
r- rickrack, ribbons
s- skimmers, sweaters, small things made out of felt
t- timepiece meant for children, twiggy skirts, true romantic, thrift stores, toy collection
u- umbrella, unicorns
v- vegan, vintage
w- wideeyed look, winter clothes
x- xylophones in all your music
y- youth, yellow (pale) nail polish
z- zines

with help from heart_of_butter
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erica's twee alphabet [8.23.07 @ 10:01am]
erica's twee alphabet
please feel free to contribute.

a- animals on clothes, accessories
b- buttons oversized, bows, boatneck shirts
c- candy necklaces, CUTE
d- diary
e- economical
f- foreign, flats
g- galoshes, glasses
h- hats, harmonized aesthetic, hearts
i- ipod, internet, ikea
j- jeans (skinny), jumpers, jewelry
k- kid-like, knapsack, knitting
l- little (diminutive), library card, livejournal
m- minimal makeup
n- natural haircolors, naievite
o- overcoat
p- polka dots, pretty prints
q- quilted
r- rickrack, ribbons
s- skimmers, sweaters
t- timepiece meant for children, twiggy skirts, true romantic, thrift stores
u- umbrella
v- vegan, vintage
w- wideeyed look, winter clothes
x- xylophones in all your music
y- youth, yellow (pale) nail polish
z- zines
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[8.15.07 @ 2:23pm]
i just accidentally ate a cat treat because i thought it was a craisin.
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[5.29.07 @ 8:16am]
there's a commercial where these women say "i'm hungry! and i'm not going to starve myself anymore!"
it's supposed to be revolutionary and empowering.

it's fucking advertising cereal.

as a part of a good way "to diet."

not a part of a good diet. but to diet. verb.

we're supposed to be empowered by women who don't want to starve themselves.

but still want to buy some bland cereal that promises they'll lose weight.

buying red cell phones is not aids activism, and buying cereal is not a feminist statement.
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[5.25.07 @ 4:26pm]
i have a terrible migraine
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[5.20.07 @ 12:27am]
We got quiet. The garden was combing her hair and putting on her earrings. The house was full of dancing creatures, not male not female but both, two lovers in one body. The books downstairs were reciting their poetry to each other, rubbing together, whispering through the leather covers. Wine was flowing through the water pipes. You had caught my leaping heart in your hand like a fish.

you were just a boy on a bed in a room, like a kaleidoscope is a tube full of bits of broken glass. But the way I saw you was pieces refracting the light, shifting into an infinite universe of flowers and rainbows and insects and planets , magical dividing cells, pictures no one else knew.
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[5.14.07 @ 8:26pm]
You still cry too easily, but without your tears, at least, everything would burn. You are spring in your jeans, in the laughing leaves. I think pearls melted over your bones.
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[5.12.07 @ 12:32pm]
twins are really remarkable.

i feel like if becca and zoe didn't have each other, they'd be really lonely. claire was happy to play by herself or with whichever grownup was taking care of her at the time, but the twins are such social babies. they want to play together all the time. if one wakes up first, she leans over the side of her crib to her sister's crib and says her name over and over until she wakes up. anne said she can't wait until they start really talking because it's going to be so fun to eavesdrop on them and i totally agree. they're the most sweet natured girls i've ever met. i love claire unconditionally, but i agree with anne that if there were two of her, i'd go insane. if you're going to have twins, beck and zo-zo are the girls you want them to be.

we went to the library yesterday and they climbed up and down the steps between the lobby and the children's floor over and over again. it's amazing that two months ago that would have been something they physically couldn't do. now they have preferences, they know their way around the house, they know people's names, they know each other's names.

one funny thing though is that when becca looks in the mirror, she says "zoe!" and when zoe looks in the mirror she says "beck beck!" i wonder when they're going to realize that they look exactly alike.

i'm taking postcolonial lit with scheuller summer a. i'm really stoked.

everyone have fun at the eyc show at john's house!

jesse is sleeping on my living room floor. soon to be her living room floor.

i'm hoping she wakes up soon, i wanna go to chopstix.

nicknames that my ladies are called on a daily basis by me:

CLAIRE: claire bear, clairius, clairius bearius, bugs, buggaboo, pooks, curly girly, lovey, grump girl

REBECCA: becca, becca beck, beck-beck, bee, buzzy, sweet girl, chubs, becks, tum-tum, the saddest firefighter

ZOE: zee, z z top, zo-zo, ziggy, charlie chaplin, star girly, la la, little dadaist, gobble girl.
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[4.26.07 @ 2:07pm]


tubby time!
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[4.16.07 @ 1:32am]
i saw the flaming lips for free tonight.

i love my school.

apparently i looked grumpy for a while.

but the flaming lips made me cheerful.

they made everyone else cheerful too, and excited about peace.

also, yesterday was the best long distance bike ride ever with bjørn and stephanie.

we took a lunch break halfway through, after i had ridden 23 miles apparently.
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[4.9.07 @ 6:01pm]
erica manga

erica botticelli

erica black

erica asian

erica old

http://morph.cs.st-andrews.ac.uk//Transformer/index.html go forth and transform yourself.
it's a picture heavy day.
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[4.6.07 @ 11:55am]
i get to play with my girls today! i think we're going to the park and to get some pizza (cheeseless for me!) then maybe i'll help claire learn to ride her bike while the babies play in the grass.

zine almost done! i've been saying that for a while but it's totally real now!
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