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my friend adam made a badass film, which i am royally proud of him for (proud enough to end a sentence with a preposition)! it's called new personal worst, and gainesvillians can rent it at video rodeo. it's woody-allen-funny, and adam is impressive as an actor and director, but most impressive as a writer.

i've suddenly become a great housekeeper. i'm trying so hard to keep our home pretty, and i've been having daydreams about being a housewife.

i really want more picture frames. i have so many pretty pictures, but it's starting to look sloppy to just glue-stick them to my wall. so if anyone wants to donate any old picture frames you don't want anymore, of any size, i'd be happy to make you a mix cd or paint your nails pretty or something.

i finally made an email address i'm going to use.


i love hanging my blankets out of my windows on windy days, it makes everything smell good at night, snuggling in them.

i really really really hope my new job pays me enough to live comfortably yet frugally, and to learn to be better with money. i start tomorrow at seven am.

does anyone know a good, cheap way to make scented candles?

my splurge this week:

i've wanted a cocktail shaker for a long time, which would help with my quest to enjoy inexpensive drinks at home (while learning how to be a better entertainer), but they're more expensive than i thought they'd be. however, my favorite vodka to buy comes with a cocktail shaker currently as a promotion, at least at the abc on nw 6th street.

smirnoff raspberry vodka 750ml comes with an apparently high quality, large cocktail shaker with pre-measured recipes on the side. i once bought a shaker at target for $1, but it promptly fell apart, this one stood up last night quite well.

amanda jennings introduced me to my new favorite drink at ihi in december. it doesn't have any kind of cute name (suggestions are welcome), but it's my go-to cocktail because its only calories come from the alcohol itself, yet it doesn't taste strong. it doesn't give me a headache like sugary cocktails do, either. when i make it at home, i use smirnoff, but a call of stoli when you're out is usually just the same price as a call of smirnoff when you're splurging out on the town.

1 part smirnoff (or stoli) raspberry vodka
2 parts club soda (plain or raspberry flavored)
lemon slices (squeeze them because they really add a yummy, low calorie flavor)

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