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electricity-free washing machine

if jesse and i go halfsies on it when we have some money to spare from bills and things, it'll cost us $21 each. i love the idea of washing 3 or so days of clothes at a time, as i wore them, and drying them on my wooden clothes rack rather than devoting a whole day to overpaying for energy- and water-draining laundromats.

from the website:

Why Use the Wonder Wash?

* Washes a 5-lb. load super clean in just a couple of minutes.
* Has a patented pressure system that forces detergent into the fabric at high speed for a fast, efficient, economic and very easy wash
* Is ideal for campers, single persons and even for the housewife with small frequent loads like hand washables and diapers.
* Is ideal for delicates such as woolens, silks, knitted dresses and cashmere garments.
* Uses far less water than even hand washing.

* Only $42.95
* Uses 90% less water and detergent than conventional washing machines
* Requires no electricity
* Pays for itself after 8 weeks
* Save $150-250 per year on laundry costs
* Requires NO maintenance
* Many people use to wash diapers
* Used to avoid paying high prices at laundry rooms and laundromats in NYC and other pricey locales.
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